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          Episcopal Healing Ministries offers a variety of services and programs which can be custom tailored to meet the needs of those who are seeking a deeper understanding of wholeness and healing.  Education, consultation, and training are available for individuals and groups from any background and theological perspective.   Individual training sessions are available upon request.  Options for groups and organizations include conferences, missions, retreats, seminars, and quiet days. 


Healing Teams

            The training and formation of members of healing teams is critical to the success of ministries of healing.  Our programs emphasize a thorough knowledge of the theological foundations of healing in Scripture and Christian Tradition combined with practical, experiential learning.  Our formation strategies address both the hearts and the minds of participants.  Ongoing spiritual formation and supervision of all healing team members are normative.


            Episcopal Healing Ministries provides support and consultation for clergy desiring to establish and/or maintain ministries of healing.   Delineating clear and concise guidelines for the practice of the healing ministry is essential for maintaining the highest standards in ethics and pastoral ministry.


Medical & Professional Healthcare Personnel

            Episcopal Healing Ministries teach that for an individual to reach optimal wholeness and health, one’s body, mind, emotions, spirit, and relationships need to be in balance and harmony with one another.  Our staff will work with doctors and healthcare professionals to provide a holistic approach to their medical practices.


Ministers of Healing

          Episcopal Healing Ministries offers a certification and licensing program for individuals who desire to become Ministers of Healing.  Students are mentored by our Executive Director Hawley Todd.  This apprenticeship program includes both theoretical and experiential learning.  The theoretical portion includes training in the following areas: Healing in Sacred Scriptures, Healing in History, Theologies of Healing, Ethics, Pastoral Care, and Contemporary Healing Modalities.  While cognitive learning is important, experiential learning is essential.  Students document all healing sessions and those are reviewed in consultation with their mentor.

          This formation program has the spiritual development and growth of perspective Ministers of Healing as its most critical component.  The normative path for licensing will include the following stages: aspirant, postulant, candidate, and Minister of Healing.  Those who have been licensed as Ministers of Healing may apply for further specialized training to become Ministers of Christ Healing.

All healing ultimately comes from God.  The focus of Ministers of Christ Healing in all healing sessions is on what Jesus Christ is doing and they work to support that process.  Hence spiritual awareness and discernment are integral components as Ministers of Christ Healing work in synergy with Jesus to restore those seeking healing to balance, harmony, and wholeness.


Spiritual Companions

Episcopal Healing Ministries offers a certification and licensing program for individuals who desire to become Spiritual Companions.  This program is for those individuals who primarily wish to use their Minister of Healing License while assisting others in periods of transition.  It relies heavily upon the ministries of listening and holy presence.



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