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Who Are We?


Why were we founded?

EHM was founded in 1987 to implement the three-fold healing ministry of Jesus Christ - to proclaim the kingdom of God, to teach, and to heal. EHM is a 501 (C) 3 charitable organization.


What is our MISSION?

Our mission is to proclaim by word and example the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by being obedient to his imperatives of teaching and healing. We are devoted to training, instructing and preparing clergy and laity to the highest professional standards in ministries of healing. We seek to help all persons become the people God created them to be.


Who do we serve?

The vision of EHM is to extend ministries of healing to all people.  We strive to be radically inclusive and welcome all of God's children.  We honor each individual's understanding of who God is and work to facilitate harmony and peace.


Who is our Executive Director?

Hawley Todd TSSF has worked for 30 years in various ministries of healing and is a Minister of Christ Healing.  He is currently Executive Director of Episcopal Healing Ministries and Area Director for Ohio and Kentucky with the Order of St Luke.  He was mentored by the Rev. Emily Gardiner Neal from 1982 until her death in 1989.  He was trained in the Anglican tradition at Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary, taught World Religions at McMaster University and has been an Education for Ministry mentor with the University of the South since 1996. Hawley has training in Hindu, Buddhist, Native American, and complimentary healing traditions.  He has been an Assistant Formation Director for the Third Order of the Society of St. Francis and was the Director of Christian Formation at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Terrace Park, OH from 1990 - 2006.  He is a trained spiritual director and has led retreats and missions in the United States and Canada. Forward Movement has published 2 of his works which are entitled Healing Prayer: Your Questions Answered and Tips for Healing Ministers.



Episcopal Healing Ministries + Christ Church Cathedral

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